Welcome to Rust Arcade
We currently have 22 expertly coded minigames that provide an experience not found on any other server!
Murder Mystery
10 players try to work out who the two murders are!
Bed Wars
6 Teams battle it out to defend their beds. Last team standing wins
Car Races
Race around our custom tracks and try to take the top spot on our leaderboard
Survival Games
Battle it out against 24 other players in a primitive style gamemode to claim victory
Mini Games
Over 20 smaller scale minigames, drawn from different genres of games, as well as our own creations. Only found on this server

Our Servers

Server IP: eu.rustarcade.com:28015
Server IP: us.rustarcade.com:28015

Rust Arcade Team

Cameron - Owner/Developer
Codes everything on the server and off the server!
Bozo - Map Developer
Creates all the in game maps!
Alf - Does things
Dont really know what this guy does. Never spoken to him